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The United Fight against COVID-19 · Orboz has helped in epidemic prevention and control

As a professional manufacturer of disinfection products in Fujian Province, the company responded to the local government's call for epidemic prevention and control in the first time, urgently raised epidemic prevention materials to assist the front line of the fight against the epidemic and dedicated enterprise love!

On March 23, Liu Qiying, chairman of Fujian Aobz New Material Technology Co., LTD., arrived early at meixi Expressway toll station in Minqing County to deliver a batch of epidemic prevention materials to the Transportation bureau of Minqing County and visit the frontline anti-epidemic workers.

Liu Qiying, chairman of the board, said that at present, it is in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control. As the only enterprise in Minqing County, we should take the lead in assuming social responsibility, protect a group, protect the safety of one party, and provide strong guarantee for everyone's health and safe life!


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