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Popular knowledge: 84 disinfectant and 75% alcohol the correct way to open

In this special period, 

75% alcohol and 84 disinfectant became many household disinfection necessities.  

Although these disinfection products are effective in inactivating the virus, they still pose a safety risk if used improperly

So what should families know about

 alcohol use and storage? 

 What are the problems to pay attention to?

Don't stock up on alcohol in the home

75% alcohol: flammable, volatile, open fire will cause explosive combustion, should be stored in the dark, avoid sunlight, prevent dumping damage, do not put near the power socket and wall table corner.


Disinfecting the air at home by spraying it with alcohol is not recommended.


After washing closed, it is not recommended to spray clothes directly, in case of static electricity and burning when undressing.

(PS:Although baijiu contains alcohol, it cannot be used as a disinfectant.)

Alcohol disinfection can be used↓

Mobile phone disinfection

The average mobile phone carries 18 times more bacteria than the flush handle in a men's toilet, and alcohol kills some germs.  But alcohol can be harmful to your phone screen, so be sure to do it right:
▶Step 1:Gently wipe the surface of the phone with a clean cloth (preferably eyewear) dipped in 75% alcohol;
▶Step 2:Wait 15 minutes (do not play with the phone during the waiting period), then dip the phone with water and wipe it;

▶Step 3:Dry the phone with a clean cloth.

The disinfection that occupy the home

★The daily necessities at home is the best way to clean and disinfect, there is no need to use alcohol disinfection;

★In addition to the need to use alcohol disinfection at home, such as the dining table, coffee table, toilet, remote control, air conditioning switch, door handle, shoe cabinet and other common contact items should also be best dipped in alcohol disinfection;

Do not use alcohol to disinfect dishes, chopsticks, knives, etc.  To disinfect it, after washing it, boil a pot of hot water, put it in the pot and keep it boiling for 5 minutes.


75% alcohol safety tips

1、Pay attention to ventilation。When using alcohol indoors, ensure good ventilation. After using cloth cleaning tools such as towels, wash them with plenty of water and store them in a sealed place, or dry them in a ventilated place.

2、Keep away from fire。It is best to avoid the kitchen area when using alcohol.  Before using alcohol disinfection, thoroughly remove inflammable and combustible materials around the place of use, do not close to heat sources and avoid open flames when using.  Before disinfect the meter and switch, turn off the power to avoid danger.

3、Store in moderation。Alcohol is a flammable and volatile liquid. When using alcohol for disinfection at home, residents are advised to buy medical alcohol in a small package for civilian use, with a single package not exceeding 500ml. They should never store alcohol in large quantities at home to avoid potential safety risks.

4、Safe storage。★ The container for storing alcohol must be sealed. It is strictly forbidden to use a container without a lid to store alcohol.  ★ Alcohol should not be placed in the balcony, kitchen and other heat source environment, and should not be placed near the power socket and wall, table corner and other places, so as not to accidentally knock over.


Can use dry powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, etc.


Small area fire can also be covered with wet towels and wet clothes, for fire extinguishing;


Outdoors, it can be covered with sand and used to put out fires.

Chlorine-containing disinfectants such as disinfectant should not be mixed with other substances

84 disinfectant: corrosive and volatile, wear gloves and masks when using, avoid direct contact.  Object surface, food packaging utensils and clothing should be disinfected according to the ratio of disinfectant and water 1:100 (1 bottle cap is about 10 ml of disinfectant and 1000 ml of water), and the prepared disinfectant should be configured and used on the same day.


Cleaning the surface of general objects, cleaning the ground, handrails, disinfection time is about 20 minutes, and wipe, spray, drag after disinfection to wipe twice with water, to prevent residues caused harm to the human body.

After use, but also pay attention to the window ventilation, so that the air circulation as soon as possible to disperse the residual pungent odor.

The ratio method of 84 disinfectant↓↓

The effective chlorine concentration of each brand of 84 disinfectant varies, but most of them are in the range of 35,000-60,00mg /L.  The following only introduces the ratio method of 84 disinfectant with common concentration:


84 Precautions for Use

84 disinfectant can not be used with clean toilet spirit:chlorine gas is produced because of chemical reaction, causing harm to human body.
Do not recommend 84 disinfectant and alcohol with:may weaken the disinfection effect, and even produce toxic gas.
The food such as vegetable, fruit does not undertake disinfection with 84 disinfection venom:lest remain, affect health.

Avoid contact:When using the 84 disinfectant, avoid skin, eyes, mouth and nose. Wear a mask, rubber gloves, and waterproof apron for protection.

Pay attention to ventilationit is recommended to prepare disinfectant in a well-ventilated area.

Cold water configuration:the application of cold water preparation of disinfection water, hot water will affect the sterilization effect.

Safe storage:84 disinfectant should be stored away from light in an environment below 25° C. The validity period is generally one year.

Skin contact:Remove contaminated clothing and rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Eye contact:lift eyelid, rinse with flowing water or normal saline, and seek medical examination in time.
Misuse:drink a lot of milk or water, timely call 120 emergency number to go to the hospital.
Inhalation of chlorine gas:quickly from the scene, transfer to fresh air, circulation, and timely call emergency.

Secretly tell you, alcohol, 84, in the home, in addition to disinfection, but also a lot of benefits oh ~~

84 disinfectant, 75% alcohol and other effects

- Alcohol wipe mirrors, door handles and switches, sterilization can also remove regular contact left by the hand grease;  Used to erase glue marks is also very good;

- 84 bleaching effect is used to remove mildew, local rinsing white clothes are very good;  And use it to scrub vases, eliminate bacteria left by rotten roots, and the next flower arrangement will last longer.


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