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Volunteer service to the front line, fighting the epidemic spirit display style

The epidemic is ruthless, people have feelings.  In march, local outbreak is highly accumulation and multipoint distribution situation, new outbreaks, in much of the country with the need of the epidemic, epidemic prevention volunteers recruited by all across, the fujian obooc, new materials technology co., LTD., chairman of Liu Qiying immediately responded to an appeal by the local government epidemic prevention and control and lead the organization set up resistance to disease volunteer team, involved in resistance to "disease",  We will build a "safety wall" of prevention and control through volunteer efforts.

On the evening of March 22, a volunteer team led by Liu Qiying, chairman of Fujian OBOOC New Material Technology Co., LTD., came to meixi Expressway toll station in Minqing County to give snacks to the personnel on duty overnight, thanking them for their hard work in the prevention and control of the epidemic in Minqing.

After ensuring that every staff on duty received midnight snack, they drove to the next expressway toll station without stopping, striving to ensure that the staff on duty fighting in the front line of the epidemic, can eat hot love powder.  Braving light rain, they passed four checkpoints, namely national Road 316, Meixi Expressway, Yunlong Expressway and Jinsha Expressway, until midnight.

Liu Qiying, the chairman of the board, was busy until late at night. She dared not drink water in the middle of the night for fear of wasting time going to the toilet.  Even shivering in the cold still stick to the post, brave and resolute forward.  With her practical actions, she has demonstrated her responsibility as an entrepreneur and injected social warmth into the frontline of epidemic prevention.

Liu Qiying, chairman of the board, said, "The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility". As a member of Minqing County, we should have a sense of social responsibility in the war against COVID-19 without smoke.


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