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The reason why printer head is clogged

 Why printer head is clogged? Printer can not print any picture, or some colors are lost, we call it “printer head clog” They are some reasons that cause the clog, as follows:

  1 when ink stay in printer head, some times it will clog the head, this is the most common way we can see. As we all know, if you want to dry the picture, we must volatilize the solvent to the air. So the ink is volatile material, it will volatilize to the air and become solid material. During the printing, there always some ink stay at the printer head, when this ink dry in the air, they will make the printer head become small, and even clog the printer head. So we need to clean the printer head usually.

2 Piezo-electric crystal is broken:  can not print any picture. In common way, the printer head can be used in one year, buy in some factory, it can work less than one year.

3 Piezo-electric crystal damage: some times you can print, but some times some color are lost, especially the large printing, the best way is to change a new head.

4 nozzle filter is clogged: if we do not print frequently, the ink will stay in the printer head for a longtime, and will clog the “ink road”thus will make us can not print any picture.

5 ink viscosity is too high or too low:  if the ink viscosity is too high, will make the ink become illiquid. If the ink viscosity is too low, will print out air easily, both way will make our printer can not print any ink.

6 Drive circuit is broken: the long use of Drive circuit or the dry ink rubbish stay in drive circuit, will affect the voltage of printer head, thus will make the printer head clog , or unstable.

7 The type of ink: some factory can not control the drying agent in a suitable quantity, if the dry time is fast, it will clog the printer head easily.

8 change the ink frequently: if we change ink frequently, some times we do not protect our printer head in a good way, thus will affect our condition of our printer head.

9 the temperature and humidity: general recommendation: temperature:22-25

Humidity:40%-70%. Too high and too low temperature will affect the viscosity of ink.

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