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Some feature of ciss

1 fluency

  The fluency of ink is related to the compatibility of the sponge in cartridge and the construction of cartridge. The viscosity and surface tension of ink is related to the ink absorption and release.During the high-speed printing,it will happen that,the viscosity of ink is too big to print fluently.so there is a big connection between ink and sponge. There are some cartridges without sponge in the market, although they avoid some problems that caused by sponge, strictly speaking, we should adjust the the function ( The viscosity and surface tension of ink) to solve the problem of ink fluency.The nozzle construction of cartridge also will cause the problem, especially the compatibility of Buffer cavity, filter mesh and rubber plug.

2 stability

  During the produce of the color radical of ink( dye or pigment). The material is not pure or the product that produced by the synthetic reaction(Organic polymer tar). The unsolvable product can be filtered out, if the solvable product can not be filtered out by special way, during the long use of printing, it will happen electrochemical reaction that appear sediment. During the long use of printing , if the sediment can not be filtered out, it will affect the fluency of the printing. Some times, you can just wash the cartridge to solve this problem. If the sediment is too much,you need some clean solution which can dissolve this sediment to solve this problem.

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