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Sublimation paper

1. Size: A3 or A4 (produced according to requirements)

2. Color:  dark or light

3. Vivid color and the transfered pictures can be kept for many years

4. Dark transfer paper is used for dark T-shirt and light heat transfer paper for light T shirt

5. Can print characteristic t-shirts, hats, gym suits, sweater bags and many other things

6. Packing: 100 sheets/ pack


Operating Steps

1) Printing

- Printer setup. In print setup, recommend to select “text and images” and "plain paper" mode for satisfactory printing results.
- Print the wishful pattern first onto transfer paper and leave it to dry for about 10 minutes before transferring.
- Cut out the image, leaving a narrow margin of 5 mm around the pattern edges.

2) Transferring
- Preheat the heat press machine and set the recommended transfer temperature to 150-165°C.

- Peel the base paper from the printed coating, and the coating would remain as a film-like material. 
- Place the coating onto the textile with the printed (image) side facing upwards.
- Put a sheet of isolation paper onto the image, with the glossy side of the isolation paper facing towards the image.

- Transfer for 15-30 seconds and then remove the textile, peel the isolation paper after cooled.



-Had better not to wash the clothing in 24 hours after transferring.
- Washing the clothign  in cold or 30-40°C water. Do not wash with strongly alkaline detergents, and no bleach. Avoid rubbing the transferred pattern when hand washing. 
- Do not wring. Line dry in shade recommended.
- Don’t dry-clean.

In this way, the pictures on the clothing or textiles will be kept well for a longer time.

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2016 Top selling Dye Sublimation Paper for Textile and Dark T-shirt

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2016 Top selling Dye Sublimation Paper for Textile and Dark T-shirt