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desktop dye ink

Features of our dye ink                                                                                       

1.Bulk dye ink  made of imported high quality German raw material

2.With good PH rate ,the ink can protect the printer head, lengthen its life

3.Good stability,no pore lines, no diffuse

4.Printring result is more than 98% close to original ink.

5.High quality bulk dye ink, suitable for  EP-SON H-P CA-NON BRO-THER printers .

6.Low-smell, environmental friendly

7.dye ink with vivid, clear color.

8.Factory direct supply, give you the cheapest price.

9.Welcome sample order.


Water based Dye ink

Dye ink, a traditional and classical product, the stable quality comes from many precised apparatus and equipments from abroad. Testing and following the data of original printers, OBOOC China aims to reach the best performance. All the formulas must pass a 3-month long -20°C to 60°C cycle test to insure the stability. OBOOC China also provides comprenhen-sive technical service, adjusting formula due to different dedia and demands. 



1.High color saturation,high fidelity.

2.Ultrafiltration,no clogging caused.

3.Weak acid or alkalescent formula,no corrosion problems.

4.No bleeding,no smear,high print quality.

5.Quick dry formula,satisfaction at high speed printing.

6.Water base formula,no toxicity,no chemical hazards,no environment pollution

Notice:                                                                                                                            1.Please don't mix one type ink with other ink,otherwise, it is likely to cause printhead clogging

 and inaccurate color 

2.Please don't reel the bottle and make switch off when injecting ink. And please inject slowly

 to avoid bubbles.

3.Please make sure the plug is on the cartridge and seal the bottle to keep balance ink in good

 condition after finishing injection.

4.Please use special cleaning solution or distilled water when cleaning the pipeline.

5.The ink once opened, sealed, keep away from sunshine,  temperature requirement : 5-25 centigrade.


Display of the pictures                                                                                  


Hot Selling CISS Printing Dye Ink for Epson PrinterHot Selling CISS Printing Dye Ink for Epson Printer