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sublimation coating

Compatible Brand for Epson
Product Name

UV coating 


10 colors

Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

Light Cyan, Light Magenta,Light black,

Light light black

White, Gloss

Used for Flat printer with led light

Customized packing

Aomya brand packing

Neutral packing

Volume 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 20liter
Service life 24months


UV & UV LED curable ink offers extended compatibility to a wider range of rigid and roll-to-roll substrates and long-term outdoor durability with superb printing quality.



For Epson LED UV flat printer

For Xaar-126 printer

For Konica mercury printer

For Konica 512 LED printer




1. Printing on fabric, timber, glass, tile, metal, PVC foam, density board, KT board, plastic, films.


2. Directly printing, design for non-polar and smooth media, no coating needed.


3. Nice in brightness; Perfect in saturation; Gorgeous in expression


4. 100 % solid inks and VOC free with excellent adhesion


In order to show the best performance of ink, Aomya offer several classes of UV LED curable


inks, such as ink on glass, ink on metal, ink on textile and ink on plastic. The following is the


printing result for the phone case.



UV coating.


---This type of coating is only applied to UV CURABLE INK. \Its funtion is to reinforce the image which is printed on the target media, like glass, \ceramic and etc. Thus, when finishing printing, the printed image won't be scratched out.


---The using method  is to spray the coating on the surface of printing media area first and \dry it thoroughly. After that,  you just print the image on the coated area. Then everything is ok.


---The printer adapting UV ink is normally flatbed type, revamped from huge format injet printer \adding with LED or Mercury lamp heating curable system, which mostly serves for arts & crafts \factory such as art glass factory and so on.


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