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Acid Dye Ink

Product Description


1. This acid ink uses imported high quality dye materials.

2. Though three-grade filter, the precision of pellet can reach nanometer grade, not blocking print heads

3. This acid ink can print continuous lines.

4. This acid ink guarantees maximum color gamut and photo-realistic printout. And  photos can be kept for a long time.

6. All materials used for ink production are safe, harmless and environmentally friendly with no poisonous and pungent smell.

7. It can print on Silk, nylon, wool and polyester, but the cloth should be well starched before printing. And after printing, it needs steaming and washing. 


Storage condtion:Sealed, keep away from sunshine.  


Quality Guaranty:

As an expert in this field, Our Obooc have  its own lab to create and test products.To ensure quality of our products, there’re series of tests, including printing test, life test, low and high temperature test, Centrifuge test, aging test etc. 
1. We replace 1:1 for all defectives caused by our workmanship and materials. 
2.18 months guarantee after manufacturing.


If you are interested in our produts, please feel free to contact me.---Fiona  Skype:oboocsales WhatsApp&Tel:0086 18065158271