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industrial printer ink

Industrial CIJ Ink Jet Printer, Small Character Coder Dater Printer Cij Printer, Continuous Inkjet CIJ Marking Machine

















Rotate 360 degree

   Input mode

Membrane switch keyboard


30 KG




10 pieces

ink color

k,Y,C,M,G, UV invisible

Print material

plastic(bottle/bag/film),glass,paper(carton),tinplate,cloth,iron,aluminum,wood etc


food,beverage,Daily chemical,medicine,cosmetic,toy,Stationery,hardware,electron,

lamp,building material,chemical,cloth,auto parts,packing etc





















Leading accessories
1 Equipped with high-precision gear pump imported from MICROPUMP to ensure the stability of the machine.
2 Integrated omni-sealed printer head and special anti-blocking design ensure the quality of printing
3 Highly-integrated circuit board and the low power circuit system have strong anti-jamming capability, safe and practical.
4 Stainless steel case, IP55 protection standards
5 Durable Membrane switch touch buttons
Technical parameters
1 A key switch machine, the operation is simple and convenient.
2 All intelligent automatic control machine parameters, automatic cleaning line, self-diagnostics and self-error reporting.
3 one-click auto cleaning function, special anti-blocking design, easy for maintenance.
4 no ink/ solvent automatic alarm fuction
5 Multitasking operating system, druing the printing can adjust the font size optionally, change the print information, and setting up the printing parameters
6 Built-in graphic editing functions. Edit icon information in the 16 * 16 lattice  optionally
7 Equipped with shortcut key of changeable serial number, production date, validity,  convenient and quick, save the input time.
8 Spray printing content: the first and second class English character library, Numbers, Letters, Symbols, and Self-compiled  icon
9 can spray 8 changeable serial no at most and make the font bold in the maximum 9 times.
10 print matrix:  edit optionally in the 5*7,16*16,16*16 lattice
11 Quick dry and environmental ink  the drying time is less than 1 second, can provide SGS/PF0A PFOS test report.
12 The power requirement: 220 v + 10% for 50 hz 200 va
13  Working environment: 0 to 50 degrees Celsius temperature, humidity, 10-90% (non condensation)
14  Random accessories: photoelectric switch, nozzle stents, standard conveyor belt
15 optional equipment: conveyor belt, paging page machine, roll machine, energy-saving lamps rotating platform, custom fixture, XY mobile platforms, etc

Application industry:
food industry:
All kinds of bags, glass/plastic bottles, canned biscuits, candied fruit, canned, spices, flavors, cooking oil, wheat flour foods  printing, packaging carton, bag and woven bag, etc.
Beverage and Brewing Industry:
All kinds of bottled, canned beverages, wine, soy sauce, vinegar printing
Cosmetic, chemical industry:
Cosmetics, liquid soap, detergent, shampoo, shower gel,industrial oil products, chemical products printing Medicine and Health production date, shelf life and lot number printing

Packaging boxes , labels, coupons, paper, IC CARDS, membership CARDS, tickets, certificates ,  serial number, swift number, batch number, date and other forms of information with design,


Hardware and electronics Industry
USB interface, metal products, battery, LCD, PCB, radiator, transformer, LED lamp, power switch, wire etc
Architectural Material Industry
All sorts of plank, including density board, joinery board, wooden planks, aluminous gusset plate, asbestos board, wood, etc
Tube type: PVC pipe, PVC trunking, PPR tube, aluminum tube, aluminum, steel, aluminum coil, etc
Other industries
Toys, stationery, textile, automobile brake pads, clutch, thermometer, etc