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edible ink

Edible Ink -What is it?

Edible ink is Edible water based digital inkjet ink,it is made of edible materials (water,

alcohol, food coloring, etc.) ,Mainly used in pastries, cakes, biscuits and other DIY

personality pattern print; meet the individual imagination and desire for food.


Edible Ink features: 
1.Clear Printing and vivid images; 
2.Printing performance is good; 
3.Good Printing Quality,easy to fade, color fastness; 
4.DIY meet customer needs.



Edible Ink Ingredients -The main Ingredients of each color. 
Yellow: water / ethanol / propylene glycol / food coloring (E102- tartrazine/ E124) 
Magenta: water / ethanol / propylene glycol / food coloring (E133 / E132) 
Black: water / ethanol / propylene glycol / food coloring (E122 / E133 / E102- tartrazine) 
Cyan: water / ethanol / propylene glycol / food coloring (E127 / E122 / E124)



How to use the edible ink printing?
Select the image you want to print from your computer, and connect the printer through a

computer to print pictures which be selected on edible paper, a good pattern will be printed

on edible paper attached to edible materials which need to decorate; Or, using specially

adapted good machine, directly print edible ink on surface of the edible materials.


Applicable Printers: 
Suitable ink for ordinary desktop printer, and the transformation of a small

flatbed printer and so on.


Refrigerator temperature: low temperature preservation

Print devices can not operate in a high temperature environment, It is workable in air

conditioning room on summer.


Packaging & Shipping


Ink brand


Ink type

Edible Ink 

Place origin

Fuzhou, China


Digital Inkjet printing


Bakery, dessert, food factory, bakery, DIY art cake house and so on.



Storage Conditions

Sealed,kept it in Refrigerator 


ISO9001&14001  FDA


100ml/500ml/1L,OEM is available

Payment terms

By T/T, west union, paypal,L/C

Delivery time

About 5-7days, depend on order quantity