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special ceramic  ink

OBOOC Pigment Ink Introducation 

OBOOC Pigment Inks are made from ultra fine pigments to get water proof and UV 

resistant ink for durable printing. Our Pigment Inks are excellent in print sharpness, 

jetness, color depth / density, clog free Nozzles, decaptime, scratch resistance.

OBOOC offers Inkjet Inks for Industrial Inkjet Printing Machines where quality,

consistancy and runnability are required to be on top of demand to ensure continuous

production. With Worldclass R&D and production facility, OBOOC have developed

Quality Inks for various Industrial applications. We also develop Custom Inks for

specially developed Inkjet printers for specific applications as per customer requirement.

OBOOC Pigment Ink Features

  • Realistic Color Matching
  • High Fade Resistance - Life Long Prints
  • Excellent  Adhesion - High Rub Resistance
  • Superior Sharpness - No Intercolor Bleeds
  • Narrow Particle  Size - High Stability
  • Specific Inks As Per Printer Requirement
  • Compatibility With Cartridge and CISS Parts

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