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Popular science knowledge: UV ink types

All kinds of posters and small advertisements in our life are made of UV printer. 

It can print many plane materials,

 covering a wide range of industries, 

such as home decoration customization, 

building materials customization, 

advertising, mobile phone accessories, 

logos, handicrafts, decorative paintings, etc.

The use of UV printers must use ink, 

ink used in different scenarios is also different,

xiaobian to give you a brief summary of UV ink categories,

 let's take a look, ink selection is more accurate, 

manufacturers use more worry oh ~

UV hard ink

When printing hard materials, you need to use hard ink, which has stronger adhesion and the weakest tensile bending performance. In the case of material distortion, the printed pattern will crack.
Suitable material: ceramic tile, metal, wood, hard plastic, signs, acrylic, glass, integrated board, small crafts and other high hard materials.

UV soft ink

Soft ink can be printed on soft materials, and there is no fault in the distortion of the material.  The ink layer is too soft, easy to leave scratches on hard materials
Applicable materials: light cloth, soft film, wall cloth, wallpaper, car stickers, PVC film, PET lamp, oil cloth, 3P cloth and other soft materials.

UV neutral ink

Disadvantages: slightly lack of hardness, not suitable for glass and other materials with high hardness requirements;  
Suitable material: acrylic, PS board, PVC foam board, KT board, etc.

Coating free ink

This kind of coating free ink refers to the addition of part of the coating raw material in the original UV ink, so that before the need to wipe the coating directly through the equipment nozzle, improve the adhesion and printing effect, save time, so as to improve production efficiency.  It should be noted that this coating free ink will mix the ink with the coating liquid, which will increase the risk of nozzle plugging, and will reduce the color quality of the print.
Suitable material: smooth surface, such as glass, acrylic, etc.

Through the introduction of the above points, 

I believe that you have some simple understanding of UV ink. 

 Here also remind you that the use of the printer should be based on the performance of the ink positioning to choose, 

do not randomly choose, 

otherwise it will only fall short, 

there are more want to know can contact our staff, 

we will serve you wholeheartedly!


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