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Do a good job of prevention and control watch the games, cheer for the Olympic athletes!!

Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, 

various competitions are in full swing. 

 The Olympic athletes competed to win the championship, 

greatly promoting our National prestige and cultural spirit.  

Xiaobian at this time just want to point for 

them!  A!!!!  praise

Such an important moment, of course, 

we will go to the scene to cheer. 

 However, due to the epidemic,

 the Site of the Winter Olympics has

 implemented targeted organization of spectators to watch the games

Remind everyone, before and after watching the games, 

must pay attention to epidemic prevention measures. 

 Xiaobian for you to sort out, 

the following several good things, 

must remember to bring oh ~~

84 Disinfectant

Attending to Beijing, in addition to borrow relatives live in my friend's house, can only be in the hotel, although the hotel has a specialist staff responsible for cleaning, but the hotel people busy, always don't feel at ease, at this time, you need a bottle of 84 disinfectant, stay in your own room in clean again, a sense of security ~  
(PS: 84 high concentration, remember to dilute before using oh ~)

75% disinfectant alcohol spray

Don't look at it in a small bottle, no problem solid!  75% of the international golden ratio, medical grade standards.  
Go out with it, bus, subway, remote control, door handle...  A gentle spray, the virus disperses!

Hand sanitizing alcohol gel

This sanitizing alcohol gel is a great way to keep your hands clean when your palms are sweaty and you want to keep your hands clean.  
It can be used by both children and adults. It can dry in 10 seconds, keep fresh and not greasy!  With its own hook design, it is easy to carry, the taste is fresh and not choking, so that you can see the end of the race before the race

Air purification card/bracelet

The scene of the game audience, the air is cloudy, at this time you can bring our You Rui air purification card/bracelet, open in a certain space, it will release chlorine dioxide constant, remove harmful gases and bacteria, but also can purify the air, let us anytime and anywhere, can enjoy fresh air, yyds~~

Although the game is good to watch, 

health is more important. 

 Epidemic prevention must be done during the game.  

These a few good things suggest that we are prepared, 

a little more protection a little more at ease, 

do not let the virus take advantage of the opportunity

Finally, once again, 

we wish the Olympic athletes 

to win the championship

Come on! Come on! Come on!


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