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“The beginning leads to the future”——Celebrate the 12 th anniversary of obooc

OBOOC is 12 years old !

Going forward because of dreams

working hard because of persistence

Joy for success

grow for harvest

Don't stop at hardships and dangers

 Don't be afraid of difficulties

To originality

To the future

Time flies. On May 24, 2019, while celebrating the successful completion and commissioning ceremony of fujian obooc new material technology co., LTD., we also ushered in the 12th anniversary of obooc.

The 12th anniversary celebration of Fujian OBOOC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the OBOOC Industrial Park of Minqing Platinum Industrial Zone. The OBOOC family gathered together to celebrate the "Youth School" feast.

Manager liu gave us a wonderful speech.A little step not even a thousand miles, do not accumulate small flow into a river and sea, the road of transformation step by step, never arrogant or impetuous refresh results.Attitude in the heart, faith see action, obooc people on the way forward, unswervingly promote technological innovation, constantly explore emerging business areas, on the way forward, with originality to the beginning, with the beginning to the future, thus cast today's fruitful.Pursue! No turning back! Lu yao! The original intention is the same! 12 years, 12 reincarnation! In a new round, a new starting point, a new opportunity. With constant hard work and pioneering spirit, we are writing a brilliant new chapter of obooc.

Confidence and persistence is the mark, hard work and passion is the badge, you use practice to prove: success in favor of those who dare to think, dare to work, dare to do!

Standing on the podium over the age of 12 employees and dealer representatives not only won an honor, but also behind the hard work and persistent attitude.I believe that every partner standing on the podium in addition to thank the partners working together, but also thank the dealers behind our silent support, each order contains the dealers' encouragement, they are always our biggest power!

singing and dancing, playing the prologue of the party

During the beautiful "ink dance" performance, Mr. Wang fang, vice chairman of minqing county federation of literature and culture, impromptu creation with obooc's own ink, which not only shows the charm of traditional Chinese ink culture, but also gives the participants a more intuitive experience of obooc's products

The program is very wonderful, for the live audience brought a wonderful, interesting feast

The heart of the lottery link, the god of luck has been online!

Memories of the past, eventful years. There is still a long way to go to develop the future.On the occasion of this double happiness, we would like to thank friends from all walks of life for their great support and love for the development of obooc. We wish obooc a prosperous development with better and better benefits, and wish all employees happiness, health and life better and better.

So far, the celebration of the 12th anniversary of "the beginning of the heart to the future" of obooc company is a complete success!

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