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Warmly welcome NPC deputy members from Province, City, County, Town to inspect and guide!

NPC deputy members from Province, City, County, Town visit OBOOC industrial zone on June 29th, 2019!

Inspection team visits the show room by Qiying Liu,general manager of Obooc, after carefully introduction ,all team members has deeply acknowledge of history of Obooc and future direction. The team members are curious and interested in 8 series products of Obooc, they encourage Obooc developing more new products and new domestic & foreign market.

Later on, inspection team looks through all ink production processes in workshop of Obooc. Jiuxing Liu, chairman of Minqing County NPC, attentively observes and asks ink production quantity and quality, recommends Obooc keeping working on automatically manufacturing to achieve unmanned workshop asap. 

At last, Jiuxing Liu, NPC chairman of Minqing County, organizes all team members holding a live meeting, Jian Huang who is vice chairman of Minqing County NPC & vice commander of Baijin Industry zone, Libiao Yan who is Baizhong Town gives speech.

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