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What is ink? Classification and characteristics

    Inkjet ink is a kind of special color with colloid, its role is in the paper or light box cloth, etc.. The three principal components of the ink are colorants (pigments), crosslinked materials (resins) and solvents. The ink mixture including the solvent is sprayed on the base material, and with the  volatilization of the solvent, the crosslinking material combines the colorant (pigment) and the base material to form a pattern.
Classification of inkjet ink

    Digital inkjet ink can be divided into water-based and solvent. According to the solvent, can be divided into water-based and water-based ink. Water based inks can be classified into pigment type, dye type and sublimation ink according to color classification. From a chemical point of view, oil is also one of the solvents. We call it water-based ink. In addition, there is now a very few people have been raised in the UV curable ink. Inkjet inks can be classified into 6 categories.
Advantages and disadvantages of various inkjet inks
1, Water-based dye ink
    The advantage is that the color is bright, because it is made of water, volatile water, no harm to the environment, more environmentally friendly; the disadvantage is very easy to fade, usually only for indoor.
2, Pigment ink
    The advantage is that the light fastness is good; the disadvantage is that the color is darker.
3, Water sublimation ink
    The advantage is that it can be transferred to different media, not just on paper. Such as ceramics, glass. Many different media can be transferred in the past; the disadvantage is that the operating procedures more trouble, and higher prices.
4, Oil soluble ink
    Because the oil soluble ink is made of pigment, it has the advantages of good taste and light fastness. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and must be printed on the coated medium.
5, Solvent ink
    Because of the pigment, so the advantages of light resistance, water resistance, and can be printed on any medium. The disadvantage is that the ink itself is based on the oil is flammable, dangerous goods, there is a strong taste, a certain amount of harm to the human body.
6, UV invisible ink
    Is the ink does not contain volatile solvent, and after curing, waterproof, light fastness is good, so it is suitable for the printing industry; the disadvantage is that there is no cure before, some of its monomer is easy to cause allergic reactions in some people.
    The choice of ink needs to be considered in accordance with the needs and environment, the pursuit of price is not desirable. For example, some of the above said some ink, may be relatively poor preservation, and some will threaten the health. HP in ink which is an input of the tremendous power of development, so HP ink in addition to bright colors, long term preservation, is consistent with a number of environmental certification, true for everyone's health, a force for environmental protection.

    Finally, I hope everyone can find their own ideal ink, help cause a higher level!

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