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The Company Organizes Staff to Carry Out Spring Activities

    Spring is thick in April, it is a good spring tour season! April 08, the company organized staff to participate in the Fuzhou Forest Park day trip, designed to spring through the activities of everyone in the spring season to fly mood, away from the stress of stress, close contact with nature, so as to stimulate the work and life of enthusiasm.

    At noon, we set a picnic. In the delicacies, we exchange emotions. After tasting the delicious food, the staff of the company in vain to visit the park's various attractions, and gradually away from the cement building, into the flowers, beautiful nature embrace of nature. Everyone in the enjoyment of beautiful natural scenery at the same time, but also did not forget to commemorate the pictures, enhance each other's emotions, creating a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere.

    In the evening, the company employees go back to the company by car. The joy of the day, although feeling a little tired, but the mood is very fun. The spring tour, we relax the body and mind, to ease the pressure brought about by working life, reflects the evergreen team vitality, and enhance the feelings between colleagues. In the hope of spring, we passionate, with the company with the sail forward! 

    I believe in the future work of the staff will be more full of enthusiasm to work into their own jobs, the company's contribution to the vigorous development of their own strength!

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