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Indelible Ink for Vanuatu Election on Jan,2017

Electoral ink, indelible ink, electoral stain or phosphoric ink is a semi-permanent ink or dye that is applied to the forefinger (usually) of voters during elections in order to prevent electoral fraud such  as double voting. It is an effective method for countries where identification documents for citizens are not always standardised or institutionalised.


Our OBOOC have 14 years experience in production for the election of indelible ink, in the past     few years,   we gradually offer indelible ink to some election countries. For example, Philippines, Mauritius, Uganda,Burkina Faso, It is well worth celebrating that we won the production qualification  of  indelible ink for Vanuatu election on Jan,2017. We believe that our company would be better and better in the near future.

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