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2016 OBOOC Annual Meeting

2016 OBOOC Annual Meeting 

January 13,Fuzhou Obooc Technology Co., Ltd. Held the 2016 Annual Meeting in the Xicheng Hotel . Our staff representatives gathered together to celebrate happily OBOOC Liu Qiying, general manager gave the speech, in the new year, OBOOC marching dreams come, rewarding experience. In the future, employees will also continue to fight for OBOOCso that more full-fledged dream, so that the industry is more evergreen. Subsequently, Liu Qiying, OBOOC general manager , awarded for the elite team, outstanding employees and outstanding party members, with honor and glory, OBOOC's elite in the Thanksgiving took over the company's heavy recognition, Hard work and hard work, and finally for a dream of today's achievements, the future, they will be more efforts to climb the peak step by step.


After the meal, all employees of OBOOC continue to celebrate. There were a variety of small games, performances so that we are full of laughter. Dance, hippie show, comedy, comic dialogue or singing, OBOOC employees will always be talented, full of vitality. In the OBOOC stage, talent and personality will be the greatest interpretation and release, enjoy highlighting themselves, show themselves.


Wishing in 2017, OBOOC can devise strategies, together side by side, leading the OBOOC elite climbed to a new height

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