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code printer

1 Handheld code printer, the weight is only 1.1 kg and the highest spray height can reach 50mm

2 Independent operation, function offline, and can save 16 piece printing messages at the same time.

3 Employ bluetooth communication technology, build the seamless connection with PC computer in real time. One computer can control several code printers at the same time.

4 Edit printing information, set up and modify printing parameters through pc.

5 Use the one of the patent technology- displacement detection to realize the printing at different speed.

6 Built-in automatic ink pressure control system, the removable type special ink cartridges 

7 Nozzle is not easy to jam, easy to maintain, can use many kinds of ink (ketone group and alcohol group, etc.)

8 Ink can use fully and not waste

9 Modular structure design, easy to maintain

10 Information can edit independently to realize printing same message at different line.

11Can choose a variety of fonts to print in real time.

12Using efficient environmental protection rechargeable lithium battery, can work more than 24 hours at one charge, and Can work under the charging status.

Applicable industry:

Mainly used in the spray printing of packaging data, batch number, etc.Widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cement and other industries.Can be sprayed on permeability surface (such as cartons, template, textile, etc.) and impermeable surface (such as smooth paper box, metal pipe, plastic pipe material, ceramics, woven belt, etc.)

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