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The introduction of small code printer

Ls-618 samll code printer vertical lattice priting can reach 34 (1-4 line printing is optional)  All chinese interface, Build-in 6000 characters, circuit and ink system, innovated nozzle design, high stability and high quality printing, Outstanding performance and abundant functions meet the requriment of various professions and identification.


Technical parameters

1-4 line printing (optional)

The fastest printing per second can reach 2500 character(5*5)

All chinese interface

Build-in 6000 characters, pinyin input

On-off automatic cleaning

Password protection system

 WYSIWYG message edit

 100 pieces of messages storage

 Edit trademark and pattern directly

 Automatic counting function and nested counting function

 Repeated printing function

 Classes printing

 5*5 7*7 6*9 8*11 12*16 18*24 24*32 font printing

 visual alarm out

Advanced performances

1 The Innovative ink viscosity test and Liquid detection technology to make sure the high-definition printing and more suitable for anti-transfer ink and yellow ink at the same time.

2 The complete anatomy nozzle design to solve the ongoing nozzle clogging problem completely and reduce the cost.

3 The design of magnetic control non-contact high voltage switch fully avoid the printer breakdown caused by the poor contact after long use

More simple maintenance and more easy check


1.The separation system of circuit and ink avoid the accidental damage of printer during the maintenance and use.

2.Draw-out ink system to insure more convenient maintenance

3 Operate the close of the single valve and pump in the ink system through the menue, to judge the machine breakdown easily and avoid the unnecessary waste.

Perfect fuction, convenience and durability


1 the automatic cleaning fuction of nozzle make sure the machine can run steadily in the long time.

2 Special 34 lattice design fit the requirment of various professions and identification.

3 Chinese menue, build-in 12 lattices and 16 lattices, each 3000 chinese character, pinyin input, complete image online editing function

4  Self-screwing ink adding system, plug and play, no need to change ink catridge, save consumable.

5 Support data transport, can form a Perfect automatic identification system with other electronic devices ( weighting instrument, computer)

6 Can make the custom printing type and printing model for the customers who have the special requirments.

7 what you see is what you get, Chinese drop-down menu. Convenient operation.

Awalys keep perfect printing quality


1 Ls-618 can offer the most clear printing effect for differnt industry.

2 Up to 16 bit phase detection, accurate ink dot seperation,  charge accurately.

3 offer special ink series for getting printing effert 

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