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Application industry

food industry:


All kinds of bags, glass/plastic bottles, canned biscuits, candied fruit, canned, spices, flavors, cooking oil, wheat flour foods  printing, packaging carton, bag and woven bag, etc.


Beverage and brewing industry:


All kinds of bottled, canned beverages, wine, soy sauce, vinegar printing


Cosmetic, chemical industry:


Cosmetics, liquid soap, detergent, shampoo, shower gel,industrial oil products, chemical products printing


Medicine and Health Products industry


Medicines and health products production date, shelf life and lot number printing


printing industry


Packaging boxes , labels, coupons, paper, IC CARDS, membership CARDS, tickets, certificates ,  serial number, swift number, batch number, date and other forms of information with design


   Hardware and electronics Industry

USB interface, metal products, battery, LCD, PCB, radiator, transformer, LED lamp, power switch, wire etc


architectural material industry


All sorts of plank, including density board, joinery board, wooden planks, aluminous gusset plate, asbestos board, wood, etc
Tube type: PVC pipe, PVC trunking, PPR tube, aluminum tube, aluminum, steel, aluminum coil, etc


Other industries


Toys, stationery, textile, automobile brake pads, clutch, thermometer, etc


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