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How to save ink

More and more family star to use inkjet printer, the inkjet ink is fragile, so you need to know how to use it efficiently. According my several years’ experience of usage of ink, i have some tips to share with you to help use little ink to print high effect.

 1. Use the economic model:

More and more printer has the function of economic model, use this model you can save half of the ink, and can increase the speed of printing. But in fact , i use the economic model, it indeed can increase the speed, but can just save 30% of the ink. If you print picture, you better not use this model , but if you use to print word, you can use this model.

 2 use the page layout skillfully.

Some times you print long page word, if you not arrange the page layout well, we will waste the ink easily. We can use some skill to arrange the page layout on one page, and use economic model, in this way we can save more ink.

3 clean the printer head.

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