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FUZHOU OBOOC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was built in 2007. It is a new printing  consumes high technology company integrating research and production of ink-jet printing ink and other ink. The company main business scope is the research, production, purchase and consignment of the ink-jet printing ink and other ink; the retailing, purchase and consignment of the computer consumables, office supplies, electronic products,and nano water-based power materials; self-management and agent of import and export of all kinds of goods and technologies.

  The company has 6 original Germany-made production lines, and produce all kinds of ink over 4 tones per year. It consists of a Lab of Fine Chemicals, 30 apparatus, and 5 stable experimenters, including 2 senior technicians ,3 medium technicians. Our research group has undertaken many research projects from Ministry of Science and Technology, Fujian province technology hall, Fuzhou science and technology bureau and Cangshan science and technology successively. All the projects are complete overfulfilled. We have the ability to offer customized ink for our customers. Our sale department, consisting of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Ministry of internal Trade, use the e-commerce platform to develop global market. We expect to set up outstation offices in Zhengzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou,,Shanghai, Beijing and HongKong to solve the inconvenience of delivery and improve the support of customers. There are 15 latest large imported printers in our inspection room testing for the whole 24 hours. We treat the quality as our life, and provide customers with our best products. At the same time, our inspection room is opened to the public, providing large advertising printings of superstores, supermarkets, advertising companies and media companies.

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