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The 133rd Canton Fair ,Obooc has come to a successful conclusion!

On May 5th, the third stage of the 133rd Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion. Obooc has achieved good results in this Canton Fair, and its brand and products have been recognized by customers in the international trade market. In the 133rd Canton Fair, Obooc actively welcomed the vast number of buyers, and close communication with them, in order to seek more cooperation opportunities.

Canton Fair Obooc booth site

Looking back at this exhibition, the full range of products displayed by Obooc has attracted the attention of many purchasers. Obooc full range of products, using high-tech science and technology and high-quality materials, aims to bring perfect writing application experience for customers. Obooc not only provides the best quality products for customers, but also has the ink application solutions to meet the diversified needs of customers.

The staff interacts closely with many purchasers

During the exhibition, many buyers came to visit the booth of Obooc, which fully demonstrated its advanced manufacturing technology and high quality products. After 5 days of intensive exhibition, Obooc through close communication with partners, further improve the market awareness and reputation of Obooc ink products, Obooc believes that through communication and connection with customers, will bring each other more development opportunities.

Purchasers try out Obooc Ink products

Not only that, in the exhibition, Obooc also sincerely invite purchasers to personally try out Obooc ink series products, Obooc believes that through personal trial, customers can better understand the high-tech technology of Obooc ink series products and smooth writing application experience, so as to deepen the trust for future cooperation.

The staff took a group photo with the overseas buyers

Obooc knows that promoting international cooperation and exchange in an all-round way is a key step for the long-term development of Obooc. Through active participation in the 133rd Canton Fair, Obooc has got to know more partners, explored the international market effectively and laid out new ideas for future development.

The staff took a group photo with the domestic buyers

"Make friends with the world and benefit the world", in this Canton Fair, Obooc active participation not only for its own brand promotion and expand the domestic and foreign markets laid a solid foundation, but also to promote the development of China's ink industry made a contribution.

Staff enter into cooperation agreements with purchasers

As a scientific and technological enterprise that never forgets its original intention and always upholds the concept of "technology helps new development", Obooc will continue to improve its technical level and product quality in the future to provide customers with better service and ink solutions. We will continue to actively participate in various exhibitions, strengthen communication and connection with domestic and foreign partners, and write a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with our customers!

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