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Obooc “explosive” products appeared in the 133rd Canton Fair

 May 1st is the International Labor Day, also is the first day of the exhibition of Obooc in the Canton Fair, let's take a look at what Obooc "hot" products in the Canton Fair shine! 

Alcohol ink series products

Alcohol ink is a tiny ink bottle filled with a variety of vibrant colors, which can be lightly touched to create a free-flowing pattern on a smooth surface.  Alcohol ink is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, belongs to permanent fast drying dye-based ink, waterproof, not easy to fade, mainly used in DIY greeting card dyeing, 3D resin crafts coloring. 

 Dipping pen Ink set series

Dipping pen set is also called glass pen set, dipping pen ink non-carbon color ink, that is, dipping and writing, rich and gorgeous color, not easy to fade.  Retro classic, smooth and even, custom scent, can add gold powder silver powder, SHEEN dazzle.  It can be used for writing daily notes, art painting, hand-painted graffiti, dyeing cards, ledger recording and other artistic creation purposes. 

Pen Ink Set series 

Pen ink set series, gift box specially customized, high-end necessary, extraordinary technology and quality, smooth ink, durable no scraping paper.  The ink color is gorgeous, durable and powerful, precise control ink, smooth writing, fast drying speed, more attention to the experience of writing experience. 

 Neutral ink series

Neutral ink, using imported pigments and additives, ink dispersion is stable, handwriting is uniform, environmental protection and non-toxic, writing is extremely smooth and smooth.  Moreover, the new fluorescent neutral ink series developed by Obooc has high appearance level, gorgeous color, water resistance and adhesion, which is suitable for use in multiple scenes such as annotation, handwriting and hand account. 

Pen ink series

Obooc pen ink, unique manufacturing process, more saturated color, even ink, not easy to block pen.  There are more diffuser proof pen ink series, more compatible with ordinary paper than ordinary ink, ensuring a high-quality writing experience. 

Whiteboard ink series

Whiteboard ink, quality ink, ink stains pure color bright, smooth writing, stable play, mainly used for writing on the smooth surface of whiteboard, glass, plastic, etc. After the ink solidified, the surface of the formation of a layer of mucous membrane, easy to erase without leaving traces, do not let the residue affect the creator's mood, to provide space for new ideas.  

Hand-held inkjet machine product picture 

Obooc hand-held inkjet machine, can be carried at any time printing, light and simple operation, can be sprayed trademark patterns, Chinese and English fonts, numbers, bar codes, and Obooc professional inkjet ink combination, more clear and lasting inkjet, printing speed, simple and convenient operation. 

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