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Spring Festival holiday notice and warm tips

Now is the end of the year,

 everyone is not in the fingers waiting for the New Year

A few days ago, 

the 2022 Spring Festival holiday schedule went viral on Weibo

According to the notice of The General Office of the State Council,

 according to the specific situation of the company, 

the Spring Festival holiday arrangement of our company in 2022 is notified as follows

January 31 (Monday, New Year's Eve) to 

February 6 (Sunday, the sixth day) off, 

a total of 7 days 

January 29 (Saturday), January 30 (Sunday) work

Warm prompt  

Winter is the peak season of the epidemic. 

When you go back home for the Spring Festival, 

the flow of people increases and the contact becomes more intensive.

 Remember to do the following to make your family more assured ~~

Strengthened prevention and control measures

Strengthen personal protection, always maintain awareness of protection, continue to do a good job of "scientific wear masks, wash hands frequently, frequent ventilation, do not gather, maintain one meter of noodles" and other protective measures.  Cough, sneeze, pay attention to cover with elbow or tissue, do not spit everywhere, good disinfection.  Citizens eligible for the coronavirus vaccine should be actively vaccinated with novel Coronavirus vaccine, and those who have been vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine for more than six months should be vaccinated with booster vaccine in time.

Do not go out of min, do not gather

Not necessary not out of fujian, not necessary not to hold annual meeting activities.  Except for returning home to visit relatives, necessary business, etc., it is not necessary to stay in Fujian, do not leave the country.  During the journey, a large number of people flow and gather, which is inevitable risks. Try to travel in different peaks to avoid the peak around the Spring Festival holiday.  When traveling, do personal protection, hand disinfection, and carry out daily independent health monitoring.

Active detection and reporting

Active reporting, active testing, active medical treatment.  People returning to Fujian from medium-high risk areas should report to their communities (villages), work units and hotels in advance, take good health management measures, take nucleic acid tests, and cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures such as isolation and control.  Special circumstances need to leave the province, leaving the community (village), units, hotels should be informed in time.

Pay close attention to the health of yourself, your family and those traveling with you during the holiday.  In case of fever, cough and other symptoms, immediately wear a mask to the fever clinic of a nearby medical institution, avoid taking public transportation on the way, and truthfully report the relevant travel history and contact history.

watch out for the traffic

1. when walking on the road, walk on the sidewalk;  Where there is no sidewalk, walk by the roadside.  
2. When crossing the street at the zebra crossing, parents with children must firmly grasp their children's wrists instead of palms and walk straight through after confirming safety.  Do "go green, stop red", set a good example for children.  
3, comply with traffic regulations, in the absence of traffic police command of the section, to learn to avoid motor vehicles, and motor vehicles race for the road.

The beginning of the New Year  
The Year of the Tiger is auspicious  

Happy New Year to you all

In the past 2021, 

I would like to thank our partners

 for their full support and colleagues 

and friends for their hard work.  

In the New Year,

 I wish you good health


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