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To prevent infection, here are some good things to keep ready

At the end of the year, 

the outbreak began in Xi 'an,

 and the epidemic was getting worse and worse all over the country. 

Various reports emerged one after another, 

which scared us not to relax

The most effective way to prevent the virus is to do three things every day, 

wear masks, wash hands frequently, and often disinfect. 

 It's easy to do these things at home, 

but you can't stay home all the time. You have to go to work,

 buy groceries, take the kids to school...


Go out, always have inconvenient time, 

quick check out these a few home travel, 

visit relatives and friends must have good things!

01 Sanitizing alcohol gel

It can be used by both children and adults. 

It can dry in 10 seconds, keep fresh and not greasy!

You don't have to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes because your palms are so sweaty when you're out on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend

Want to make money, 

more inseparable from it!

 No matter you are 996 or 007, 

work tired tired, feel confused, 

rub, suddenly, refreshed!

Home god beast treasure father treasure mother also hurriedly prepare a few.  

75% alcohol kills a wide range of pathogenic microbiota.  

Small hand wipe!  Don't prick the needle!  

It is the absolute health guardian of the gods

Childlike and lovely cartoon image, 

with the intimate design of the hook, 

easy to carry, small and lovely, 

fresh and not a pungent taste,

 let babies fall in love with "washing" from now on.

Class doze off to a few drops, 

a few drops of tension before the test;  

Wake up in one second!  

God bless!  What do you see in this hand gel? 

 Is the hope of 211!  It's the future of 985!

02 Sanitizing alcohol spray

Not to mention daily disinfection, 

pets, elevators, mobile phones, televisions, remote controls...  

How much bacteria are there?

(On the phone↓↓↓)

(On the palm of your hand after playing↓↓↓)

If you like shopping, 

walking your dog or checking your phone before going to bed,

 it's only a matter of time before you get infected with COVID-19, 

so make sure you spray this good thing!

Alcohol level up to medical grade  
The sterilization rate is up to 99.9%

These 2 hand disappear, is by no means empty appearance!  Do not look at their appearance looks to be the appearance level online wen wan party, but pick up the virus is absolutely vigorous and forceful party.

The alcohol content of the two hand sanitizers is 75%, which is the international gold ratio and meets the medical grade standard.

The sterilization rate is up to 99.9%, which can kill four kinds of common bacteria -- glucococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Put it on when you go out, absolute halo protector!  Bring your own aura!  The virus is gone!

Of course, there's always something missing.  

If you go out without a bag, 

and you don't have a pocket, 

it can be very troublesome to carry these  
But that's ok, you can wear the air purification card/bracelet, don't worry ~

The main components of this air purification card/bracelet are chlorine dioxide and air release agent. 

When opened in a certain space, 

chlorine dioxide gas will be released constantly to remove harmful gases and germs. Meanwhile, it can purify the air, 

so that we can enjoy fresh air anytime and anywhere.yyds~~

Too lazy to take a bag,

 no pocket on the body to let go of the elimination, 

use it, to the neck/wrist hanging on the finish, 

simple, convenient have!!


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