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Small science knowledge | ads oily ink and related knowledge of water-based ink

In our daily life, we often see a variety of commercial advertisements on the street, such as outdoor sign advertising pictures, large column billboards on the side of the highway, small commercial street signs, bus station advertising light boxes, building curtain walls in the streets, large posters in shopping malls and so on, dazzling~~

The production of these advertising pictures to use the same indispensable tool - ink, different use scenarios need to use the ink is not the same, today xiaobian to introduce two kinds of advertising ink, nonsense not to say dry goods!

Advertising oil ink


Advertising oily ink is used for printing machine ink consumables, it is a special kind of colloid with color, is a pigment based ink (color base main component is not water-soluble solvent),its role is to leave a beautiful pattern on the printing cloth.


Oily ink can print materials:inkjet cloth, mesh cloth, knife scraping cloth, black and white cloth, kobb cloth, etc.


The characteristics of oily ink

1、smooth printing, bright color, high degree of reduction, good stability.

2、After printing, the picture does not need laminating treatment and the water picture will not be spent.

3、ink drying speed is moderate, environmental protection low odor to the human body no substantial harm.

Advertising water-based ink


Advertising water-based ink is a kind of advertising ink, water-based ink is often used in indoor photo machine ink supplies. Water-based ink is divided into two kinds, one is water-based dye ink, one is water-based pigment ink.


The dye ink is not waterproof, and the picture printed with it is bright and hierarchical. After printing, the film covering process is generally used for processing again.


Pigment ink has waterproof effect, and the picture printed with it has high color saturation, color fastness is also very strong, not easy to fade, and does not need laminating treatment, and can also be used outdoors.

The difference between


Different kinds

Water-based ink belongs to pictorial ink, oily ink belongs to printing ink.


The price is different

The price of water-based ink is generally higher than the price of oily ink.


Smell different

The smell of water-based ink is lower, less irritating, and the smell of oily ink is larger.


Different application devices

Water-based ink is often used for photo machine printing, and oily ink is often used for printing and machine printing.


Different printing materials

Water-based ink can print indoor photo materials, oily ink can print outdoor printing materials.


Different application scenarios

Water-based ink printing screen is often used for indoor, oily ink printing screen can often be used outdoors.


Different clarity

Water-based ink printing picture accuracy is high, oily ink printing picture accuracy will be a little lower.

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