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Popular Science tips:Material ink and pigment ink difference

As we all know, our daily printers can be roughly divided into laser printers and inkjet printers these two categories.Ink-jet printer is different from laser printer, it can not only print documents, more good at printing color pictures, because of its convenience has become one of the indispensable helpers in our daily life.Although inkjet printers are used by most people, but for its consumable - ink, many people do not know much.

There are two types of inks used in inkjet printers, called "dye ink" and "pigment ink."So what are dye inks and pigment inks?What's the difference between the two inks?How should we choose in our daily use?The following small series with you to uncover the mystery of two kinds of ink.

dye base ink 

Dye ink belongs to water-based ink, is molecular fully soluble ink, its colorant is completely dissolved in the ink in a single molecule way, from the appearance of the dye ink is transparent.

The biggest characteristic of dye ink is that the colorant particles are small, not easy to plug, easy to be absorbed by the material after printing, the radiation performance of light is good, the ability of color reduction is relatively strong.Simply put, dye ink is equivalent to our daily watercolor pen, the color is more vivid.

While dye inks can maintain a wide color gamut, achieving rich, bright colors and superior, superior image quality, suitable for color printing.However, the waterproofing, light resistance and oxidation resistance of the printed manuscript are poor, and the photo is easy to fade after long-term preservation.

pigment ink

If dye ink is a watercolor pen in life, then pigment ink is more like markers or whiteboard pens we use, more durable.Pigment ink colorant is insoluble in water pigment, in the ink in a suspended state, from the appearance of pigment ink is opaque.

The biggest advantage of pigment ink is high stability, has strong adhesion, has better waterproof, light resistance, oxidation resistance and preservation performance, but its color reduction ability compared to dye ink will be slightly worse, more suitable for printing black and white documents.

Overall, in waterproof and anti - fading, pigment ink has more advantages.But dye-based inks do better in bright colours and smooth prints, and are cheaper.If you need to keep documents and pictures for years, choose pigment inks.If the data used is only temporary, dye ink can be used, low cost color is ok.Finally, what type of ink to use according to their own needs to choose oh ~~


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