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Vaccination ≠ safety, epidemic prevention critical period home essential these good things, affordable and effective, recommended to prepare!

The weather gradually cold, in we are beginning to relax, 

feel the epidemic is almost over,

 it gave us a few slap in the face.

In just a few days, the epidemic occurred frequently in various places, 

and the risk level has been adjusted repeatedly.Airports, 

amusement parks, tourist attractions are stranded passengers, 

nucleic acid testing and isolation, is really terrible ~~

Vaccines are only the first barrier. 

Taking preventive measures is the best way to protect yourself.

 In addition to wearing a mask, 

the following are some good things to protect yourself

"84" disinfectant

84 disinfectant is recognized as a good disinfectant,

 low price, simple use, reliable effect is its characteristics, 

but it has strong irritation and corrosion, 

must be diluted before use, 

and pay attention to the use of alcohol or toilet spirit and other items mixed with oh ~

ERUESE Air purification card/bracelet

If you don't want to go out with your bag, 

and want to take protective measures, 

then put on this air purification card/bracelet, 

double effect sterilization, purify the air,

 to build a protective cover around yourself, 

so that we can enjoy fresh air anytime and anywhere,yyds~~

ERUESE Water free alcohol gel

In public, viruses are everywhere!

Go out inconvenient to wash hands, 

do not always disinfect hands;

Ordinary soap and hand sanitizers do not disinfect.

Use this no-wash alcohol gel, a moisturizing, 

skin-friendly gel that dries in 10 seconds and is portable and easy to carry.

 Rub, rub, and keep viruses away!

Refuse to be embarrassed ~ without water

75% alcohol disinfectant

Medical grade 75% alcohol, 

internationally recognized golden ratio, 

99.9% high efficiency inactivated bacteria.

Whether it is before and after dinner, 

travel to work, daily home, pet play, elevator, mobile phone...

All of them, multiple specifications, 

at home or out, all of them, 

prevent novel Coronavirus at any time, anywhere~~

Tea tree essential oil antibacterial hand sanitizer

A bacteriostatic hand sanitizer, 

specially added tea tree essential oil, 

can inhibit a variety of bacteria and moisturize the skin at the same time, 

remember to prepare the sink,

 both adults and children can use, 

mild and clean, always at home, 

so that germs can not escape ~~

These kinds of above have a good antibacterial effect,

 affordable and effective, 

it is recommended to prepare, 

to add a guarantee for the safety of their own and their families


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