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Obooc ink, simple ink painting

Ink painting is regarded as the representative of traditional Chinese painting, or Traditional Chinese painting.

It is not as stunning as oil painting, nor as rich as gouache.Although its color is less, but it does not lose elegant and noble, next we will appreciate a few excellent landscape paintings to feel the quintessence of China ~~~

Such a wonderful landscape painting is worth collecting and appreciating. If you like painting, you can try your hand at ink painting with Obooc ink~~

There may be many friends who think ink painting is difficult, but want to try to draw a picture, it doesn't matter, xiaobaozi ink today to teach you to draw a bird ~~

The tools we need today are

Obooc xuanyuan Ink

Brush (or watercolor brush will do)

Book or rice paper
(Rice paper with rice paper, no rice paper directly with graffiti on the line)

First of all, monochrome paintings, such as ink, can be diluted into light and dark colors as layers.Depending on how much water is added, there can be different shades of effect

In the process of diluting the Orboz ink
Finding diffusion is really beautiful

Formal start procedure

Prepare 2 dishes, or use a lid, and pour the ink into small dishes. In one dish, pour some strong pure ink, and in the other dish, pour some water and ink, and use as dilution.

(There is no picture here, you can find your own small containers at home)

Then take the brush, dilute it to slightly lighter ink, and brush a bird's body on the paper

Then wait a little while, while the body is a little dry, the paint will not run, with a high concentration of ink (add a drop of water can be) on the wings, the dark ink, on the light body will spread itself.
PS: you can use the [point] method, which is not easy to draw too large a range.

Then in the same way, while wet, add the color of the bird's head.

Plus the beak.

Dilute the ink, about a little deeper than the belly, still while wet, paint belly hair, gradually

At this point, the bird is more than half done, then just take out the hair dryer on the lowest set to dry, or let it dry naturally.After drying, the color will become gray and light, this should be the reason for paper and ink shade color.

Still, I like the feeling of gray.
Then, using undiluted ink as the darkest color, paint in small details, eyes, wings, chest hair.One bird did it.

If the final picture is a little monotonous, use your imagination and draw something else, branches, leaves, rocks, whatever.Finally finish the figure.
(Slightly off color)

Finally, paste a complete bird bird and leaf

The expensive ones have the delicate ones,
Cheap, but also cheap fun.
Don't stick to tools and materials
Grab what's at hand and start drawing
Always find new experiences.
Looking forward to your try

Enjoy the fun of drawing

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