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The thick Dragon Boat Festival reed incense floating, prevention and control in place heart Chang 'an

放 假 通 知

Holiday Notice

According to the holiday arrangement of the General Office of the State Council in 2021, and in combination with the actual situation of our department, the holiday arrangement notice of Oberz Dragon Boat Festival in 2021 is as follows:

Please follow the website for the following two days: 13 June - 14 June

Please follow the website for further information on June 12th (Saturday) and June 15th (Tuesday)

May 5, is the Duanyang
Artemisia argyi leaves, hanging sachets
Colorful line, wrist tie
Eat zongzi, dipped in sugar
The dragon boat was launched in jubilation


Dragon Boat Festival customs

In this Zongye fragrance, the most suitable for the family with dumplings, hang mugwort, experience the rich folk activities of the festival, enhance the feelings between each other ~~


Prevention and control of the epidemic will not be relaxed

Although the holiday is good, we still need to pay attention to prevention and control. Recently, local cases have been frequent, and Duang has become a hot search. You must take good precautions when traveling~~

Continue to do well in individual epidemic prevention

Less visits, fewer parties, regularly do a good job of home disinfection

Wear a mask when you go out, keep a safe distance of 1 meter, and disinfect your hands frequently

Do go to see a doctor if you don't feel well. Don't wait until your illness is serious

Do not think that the body comfortable is a new crown afraid not to go to medical treatment, early treatment early recovery

Do nucleic acid testing in time

People returning home and out of the province should do nucleic acid testing in time to give themselves and others a peace of mind

(7.0 hihi:/💲Mk4TcEJ9r08🔐掏十宝【福建奥博兹新材料科技有限公司】)

Immunize COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible

Vaccination is equivalent to a layer of protective cover to the body, can better protect us from the virus, now every province and city each community service center and hospital can be free of vaccination, friends quickly pay attention to the local vaccination site inventory to make an appointment for vaccination~~

(7.0 hihi:/💲Mk4TcEJ9r08🔐掏十宝【福建奥博兹新材料科技有限公司】)

South gate competition ship seems to contend.

Full of reed incense Dragon Boat Festival

From all of you at Obooc

Get, think, get,

See, smell, eat,

The blessing arrives, arrives, the wealth arrives!


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