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Technical parameters

1 A key switch machine, the operation is simple and convenient.

2 All intelligent automatic control machine parameters, automatic cleaning line, self-diagnostics and self-error reporting.

3 one-click auto cleaning function, special anti-blocking design, easy for maintenance.

4 no ink/ solvent automatic alarm fuction

5 Multitasking operating system, druing the printing can adjust the font size optionally, change the print information, and setting up the printing parameters

6 Built-in graphic editing functions. Edit icon information in the 16 * 16 lattice  optionally

7 Equipped with shortcut key of changeable serial number, production date, validity,  convenient and quick, save the input time.

8 Spray printing content: the first and second class chinese character library , Numbers, letters, symbols, and self-compiled  icon

9 can spray 8 changeable serial no at most and make the font bold in the maximum 9 times.

10 print matrix:  edit optionally in the 5*7,16*16,16*16 lattice

11 Quick dry and environmental ink  the drying time is less than 1 second, can provide SGS/PF0A PFOS test report.

12 The power requirement: 220 v + 10% for 50 hz 200 va

13  Working environment: 0 to 50 degrees Celsius temperature, humidity, 10-90% (non condensation)

14  Random accessories: photoelectric switch, nozzle stents, standard conveyor belt

15 optional equipment: conveyor belt, paging page machine, roll machine, energy-saving lamps rotating platform, custom fixture, XY mobile platforms, etc

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